Introducing the For-Them Bag. 

The story of this bag begins with the design of our first tote/backpack, the Brimfield Pack in 2011. It was originally created to accompany us to the flea market of the same name, and it wasn't necessarily meant to ever become one of our product offerings. The idea was that we liked bringing large, simple totes to shop the market, and thought it would be useful to have the ability to quickly throw the bag on our backs from time to time; that's pretty much it. Simple.

Fast forward a few years, where a chance meeting with the co-founder of a fairly well known environmentally conscious company specializing in baby products asks us to enhance the design in order to create a new class of "diaper bag." We place the word in quotes as the design objective from the beginning, was to break away from what was typical and expected within that category of bags, and perhaps baby/childcare products in general.

Taking on that project solidified our belief that the Brimfield design was very adaptable, an idea that our customers initially helped us discover when they would tell us how the bag was great for biking, or taking to the beach, or taking weekend trips and in a few cases, using as a diaper bag.

You might be thinking, "well, aren't all those activities possible with any number of different bags?" Maybe, but the thing that we always liked about the Brimfield is that it combined the usability of a large tote, with the convenience of a backpack. It always managed to be equal parts backpack and tote, and functioned simply and effectively as both. After all, the very first version was created by sewing backpack straps to one of our spare large totes. We kept it simple and it worked.

Although at first glance this new bag may appear to be more complex than the Brimfield it claims as a relative, it very much continues the legacy set in motion by that first prototype created several years ago: Simple and Useful, nothing extra than what is necessary to achieve the functionality desired.

Shown with backpack straps removed.

The strap pads are cut, glued and sewn individually out of high-grade strap leather and backed with garment-grade pebble leather.

Two bags in one. The liner is fully removable.

High quality Cobra® quick release buckles - the only choice in our minds to maintain a high level of functionality and durability.

MIL-SPEC webbing, slide and clip that make up the backpack and shoulder straps.

Paracord with in-house manufactured brass strap ends and fluoroelastomer cinch ball.

Smooth and strong coil zipper was the best choice for the removable liner. You'll be pleasantly surprised how easy removing and reinstalling the liner really is. 

The liner is made of high quality nylon, has fully taped seams and straps of its own made out of MIL-SPEC nylon webbing. Great to use as a wet-bag or even as a light-weight cinch tote. 

MIL-SPEC webbing lower backpack strap attachment loop.

MIL-SPEC webbing shoulder strap attachment loop.