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The Workshop
Milford, CT

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LAYERXLAYER is a horrible name for a brand, it certainly doesn't roll off the tongue or look elegant in any font. Many have asked, "is it layer-ex-layer" or "layer by layer?" The name is meant to remind us to be patient and take things one step at a time. For us to remember that nothing happens instantaneously and that things will build up over time, layer by layer


Began designing and building large-scale structures before he knew that 'Architecture' was a formal discipline. His design process is self described as one striving for an 'appropriateness', whereby any resulting creation should possess a clarity of purpose that is reinforced by its manufacturing process. Believes that to become a better designer, one must also become a better maker - for without paying ones' dues, there shall be no path to expertise. Currently resides as overall 'Creative Director.' Holds a degree in Architecture.

Co-founder & designer.


Her desire to design stems from an urge to create a sense of order in the spaces that we inhabit, while at the same time ensuring that any resulting product achieves a harmony between function and beauty. Works very closely with Patrick in the design phase and is often inspired by his early concepts & ideas. Equally important is her ability to see a project from concept phase, through material sourcing and eventual production. Has become an expert at material sourcing and could be considered 'Chief of Operations.' Holds a degree in Industrial Design.

Co-founder & designer.

Collaborative Studio

LAYERXLAYER is more a 'collaborative studio' than it is a company - which is why we chose a name that is horrible for a brand. Patrick and Leah are more a 'team' than they are a couple. Our work is more informed by beauty and function, than it is about selling an idealized lifestyle. We don't design to make money, rather we work to keep ourselves amused and creatively satisfied.


Our services go beyond design and include, but are not limited to: material sourcing, project management, conceptualization and if necessary - small/medium/large scale production. We have worked on several projects for various clients that range from simple collaborative products all the way to designing, sourcing, and managing the production of a high-quantity custom product for a well-known environmentally conscious company.