Well Spent Visits LxL

We’re a little behind in posting this, given the incredible speed at which the internet machine chugs along, but our friend Brad wrote about his recent visit to our studio/home on his site, Well Spent.

It is part of a series called ‘The Makers’, and we are honored to be included with past alumni like the one-man leather working machine Corter. Also appearing in the series is Outlier, a brand that makes some of the most well-considered and highest quality clothing & accessories around. 

Without getting too sentimental, this visit was fairly significant for us. Having the opportunity to finally shake hands & ‘break bread’ with someone who has supported our efforts literally from the beginning was quite a special occasion. It is an extra special thing when someone who does something that you deeply respect, shares some of that same admiration. 

The journey that we embarked on nearly 3 years ago has been a particularly bumpy one - having people like Brad (and many others) by our side has definitely kept us motivated and helped us navigate through difficult times.