So let’s play a little game: All you need to play is an iPhone or an iPod Touch.  You in?

Good, let’s begin.

**PRIZE - The first person to beat us, wins an unreleased bag: “The Early Spring Tote”.

First: Download an app called “Words with Friends” - don’t worry, there’s a free version.

Next: Tweet the hashtag #vsLxL - this will enter you into the game.

Then: In a few days we’ll count the hashtags, and using a random number generator, choose our opponent.  For example: if 25 people tweet #vsLxL we’ll pick a random number between 1 and 25.  Let’s say number 18 comes out - we’ll pick the 18th person that tweeted the hashtag to play us.

We’ll then @reply that person with instructions on how to play us.  We’ll play opponents until we lose.  First winner gets the prize mentioned above and shown below.

*Tell people that you think would appreciate our goods - you don’t have to follow us to play the game.

Thanks and game on,

Patrick & Leah


vsLxL - Round 1

*If all this Twitter-speak is new to you (ie. hashtags @replies), do a quick websearch - tons of blog posts have been written on the subject.

**In case you’re wondering, we have no affiliation with the makers of the game Words with Friends, we just like it.

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