One of the most important aspects of our business, and our lives in general is “having fun”.  We also love interacting and having dialogues with other people.  Games to us, facilitate these activities and are really important to our creative process.  So, we thought it would be fun to try something a little bit different…

VsLxL is basically You versus LAYERxlayer - every so often we will propose a challenge. We then randomly pick an opponent, and do battle until we lose.  The first winner of a given challenge will win the “prize” that we’re playing for.  (For a complete overview of how the process works, continue to the end of this post.)

So if you want to play, follow us on Twitter - @LAYERxlayer for our Studio feed, or @vsLxL to battle.



So, here’s how it works..

As of 03/10, we are using “Words with Friends” as our primary game - this might change in the future…

First: Download an app called “Words with Friends” - don’t worry, there’s a free version.

Next: Tweet the hashtag #vsLxL - this will enter you into the game.

Then: In a few days we’ll count the hashtags, and using a random number generator, choose our opponent.  For example: if 25 people tweet #vsLxL we’ll pick a random number between 1 and 25. Let’s say number 18 comes out - we’ll pick the 18th person that tweeted the hashtag to play us.

We’ll then @reply that person with instructions on how to play us.  We’ll play opponents until we lose. First winner gets the prize mentioned above.

Winner will receive a special code and email address to reply to in order to claim the prize - shipping will occur free of charge.

*Tell people that you think would appreciate our goods - you don’t have to follow us to play the game.

Thanks and game on,

Patrick & Leah


*If all this Twitter-speak is new to you (ie. hashtags @replies), do a quick websearch - tons of blog posts have been written on the subject.

**In case you’re wondering, we have no affiliation with the makers of the game Words with Friends, we just like it.

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