Utility Rack - No.1

Long before Leah and I started designing & making bags, both of us were primarily working with more solid materials. For me it was primarily wood and metal, and for Leah it was a bit of wood but mostly ceramics. 






Skipping ahead, we never design things for the “hell of it” - our process is always driven by needs we have in our own lives. The first version of this rack that we made for ourselves was quite crude compared to the final version now for sale in our shop.

This rack is simple, and it should be. It’s meant to be a functional piece. It’s not about being flashy and calling attention to itself. It is the result of a long iterative process. Maybe we spent more time on it then needed, but for us the process is as important if not more than the final outcome. 


Made out of 100% USA grown Poplar. There is no metal in the rack other than the brass screws used to attach it to a wall. The bandana/scarf hanger was turned by me on our lathe to give it a slight taper on each end. Available with an OSMO finish.


When we started LAYERXLAYER, furniture was one of our top priorities. We were living in Brooklyn and then Westchester NY for the last 4 years while our woodshop was in CT. Now that we’re back in CT we’ve been able to finally begin working on these long-shelved furniture projects. 

This rack is a start.