Urbahnika Embroidered Pins

Embroidered Pin 2

A few weeks ago, we were invited by our friends Jahn & Kurt of BKLYN Dry Goods to take part in a pop-up BBQ at The Shop in Williamsburg. As we’ve come to expect from these types of events, we met a lot of interesting people and had a pretty solid time. 

One person that we’ve wanted to meet for a short while now is Allene, who goes by the name Urbahnika. We were first introduced to her work by one of Jahn’s tweets - where else, of course. She makes embroidered pins that are just as striking in person as in our photographs. I can say much more, but perhaps the pins should do the talking.

Embroidered Pin 1

Pin Back

Each pin is signed & dated by Urbahnika.

Camo with Embroidered Pin

Since we love to barter, we wrangled a handful of pins from Urbahnika & a camo jacket from BKLYN Dry Goods in exchange for some of our totes. Both parties were pretty happy about that deal.

Camo with Embroidered Pin

Wayfarer with Embroidered Pin

Wayfarer with Embroidered Pin

When we first decided to do ‘events’ our expectations were fairly neutral. It was always in the back of our minds that it would be great to go out there and meet people who were making and/or doing things we considered to be interesting or inspiring. Have conversations, share ideas and even collaborate on projects.

We always thought that it would be great - and it turns out that it is.

*Quick note about ‘The Shop’ - if you ever find yourself in Williamsburg, do stop by. Not only do they have great prices and an unbelievably friendly staff, there are motorcycles driving in & out on a regular basis - seriously. Maybe I’m just a little too into bikes, but it is definitely a place worth checking out.

**We do our best to help support our fellow Artists, Designers & Makers out there that do what they do for the right reasons.