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Both Leah and I are from Connecticut, it is where we met and also a place that begun the process of shaping us into the people we are today. But at some point in our late teen years, as is often the case, we wanted to be anywhere else but there. It’s a natural thing of course, to desire new experiences and freedom. 

And that is what we found while attending school in Boston. Although we definitely were exposed to many new ideas and experiences, our core values and beliefs have stayed the same.

In fact, they were multiplied and clarified.


“Long story, short” - as a good friend of mine regularly says - we are creating a place.  In fact, this new place will be close to our hometown, in New Haven to be exact.

New Haven is where Leah spent her childhood and it is where I spent a good portion of my formative years. For whatever reason, it has always been a special place to us. It’s a city that feels just right, not too big and not too small. The air is clean and the food is good. 

It almost has everything. We don’t want to say that the city is “missing” something, but there are a few things that we feel could be added to it, things that will hopefully make it an even better place. 


Our decision to take our first big project (hopefully of many) to New Haven relied heavily on a few key components, the first of which is perhaps the most important. From the very founding of LAYERXLAYER our goal has been to be part of a community, both in a creative capacity and also in the most general sense. Fortunately, we already have an inspiring group of friends, collaborators, fellow makers and customers that have been extremely supportive and the main reason we feel confident in our ability to achieve ambitious goals. It’s a great start and will only get stronger as we add to our network by becoming part of a different community in our new home.  

The other main reason is that we honestly want to be in a place where we can have a greater impact. New Haven feels like that kind of place, not only because of the relative size of the city but also the open-mindedness of its people. There are so many interesting things happening and the local and state government seems extremely supportive, which can be a rare thing. It really does feel like something is happening.  

*This is really only a preview, but for now we’ve posted a few images from random parts of New Haven - it is an old city, with tons of character and history. So much more to come, including the actual details of what we want to create and ways you can help us with this project. 


Dinosaur at Peabody