Untitled Pouch No.1

Untitled Pouch No.1 Stamp No.1

Making things that have a story is very important to us. That story can be intricate and conceptual. Maybe it fits into some kind of fictional narrative. Like an artifact.

Sometimes the story is simple, like for instance, the process involved in creating the actual piece. 

For the ‘Untitled Pouch No.1’ we wanted to experiment with printing our own fabric using a wooden stamp. Rather than utilizing a more traditional woodblock printing technique, we decided to create a stamp by drilling a grid pattern into a block of wood, and then filling each hole with a dowel.

Untitled Pouch No.1 Back

The resulting print is a dotted pattern with varying degrees of ink coverage. Sure, it’s a simple polka-dot pattern, but we’re definitely not finished experimenting with this type of stamp making technique. It’s a fun process, much more direct than screenprinting.

*The price of this pouch should be around $139. which is closer to its true cost. But there is one more piece to the story: we’re conducting a little experiment that will greatly reduce the cost of this pouch for any potential buyers. More on that here.

Untitled Pouch No.1 Process No.1

Untitled Pouch No.1 Process No.2

Untitled Pouch No.1 Process No.6

Untitled Pouch No.1 Stamp No.3

Untitled Pouch No.1 Ink