Untitled Pouch No.1 - Discount

If you were one of the first 30 people to add the pouch to your Svpply (adhering to our guidelines, of course) and you would also like to take advantage of our discount, please contact us by August 21st.

*CONTACT US - with your Svpply username and we’ll validate that you are amongst the first 30. We will then send you a discount code that can be used to purchase the pouch in our shop. Don’t worry, links and instructions will be included in our reply. 

Contact LAYERxlayer <—- Click that.

*Our goal was to make 30 pouches - if after Aug. 19th there are unclaimed pouches, we will offer the same discount to anyone that has added the pouch to their Svpply. So for example, if only 20 out of the ‘first 30’ claim the discount, we will have 10 available. It will be ‘1st come, 1st served’ at that point - so be ready to pounce.

**At this present moment, there is no easy way for us to contact you directly through Svpply. This is amongst a list of features that we will be requesting.