Untitled Pouch No.1 vs. Svpply

Pouch Mathematics

‘This pouch does not cost 139 Dollars’

As previously mentioned, we love Svpply. If you are not yet a member, it is strongly advised that you become one immediately - in fact, if you want to play our game you must be a member.


This little experiment has 2 basic goals: 

  • To extend a very generous ‘Thank You’ discount for helping us spread the word about our new pouch. 
  • To encourage you to join Svpply - a service that only gets better as more people use it.


  • If you genuinely like this new pouch, add it to your Svpply stash - if you really like the pouch, tell your friends. 
  • To make it fair, you must have at least 10 items in your Svpply before adding the pouch. This is not a contest - we honestly feel that once you start using the site, you’ll be glad you did.
  • Pretty simple - that’s it!


Here’s where it gets interesting: The first 30 people who add it to their Svpply get a discount on the pouch.

The ‘catch’ is that in order for everyone to receive the discount ‘at least 30 people’ need to add the pouch to their list(s) by Aug 5th. At that time we’ll issue everyone that participated a special discount code to purchase the pouch in our shop.

*To add the pouch to your Svpply, we have added a ‘+’ button at the top of the product page, found here. Or you can search for the pouch within Svpply (after at least 1 person adds it into the system.*

**Please contact us after Aug 5th if you participated and would like the discount - it will make it easier for us to distribute the discount codes.**

***And the group discount will be 75% off. Yeah, you read that right.***

Untitled Pouch No.1 Front

Untitled Pouch No.1 Back

Untitled Pouch No.1 Stamp No.1

And if you really like the pouch and want to purchase it for $139. that is definitely fine with us. In actuality, that is probably closer to the true cost.