This One Goes to 12

If we’ve accomplished nothing else in 2011, it was a year that provided us with a tremendous amount of insight into how we can make LAYERxlayer into the thing it was always envisioned to be. Up to this point, you probably know Leah & I (Patrick) best by the things we make. And you may also be aware of our propensity toward quality & craft. But that is only a small part of our story. 

This new year will be a time of both growth and transition, whereby we’ll be sharing our more ambitious projects and kindly asking for your help to transform those ideas into reality. Our hearts have always yearned for something much bigger than ”just making nice things” - and so that is what we will do. Please join us.

We’d be remiss if we didn’t Thank all of our friends, both new and old, for the humbling amount of support we’ve received thus far. If you’ve ever placed an order, blogged one of our products, sent us an encouraging email, collaborated with us or told a friend about how much you love LxL - you are what keeps us going. We owe you pretty much everything.

*Whether or not the Mayan Calendar is correct, we’re going to work as hard as we can just in case.