Thank You 2010 - Part 3

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Thank You 2010 - Part3

So where are we headed?  Good question, we’ve been asking ourselves the same question a lot lately.


This is obviously important, but it’s definitely the one area that we feel could have been stronger last year.  What happened was that we started LxL while engulfed in a whirlwind of economic turmoil, apartment relocation and creative something.  So the past few months have been spent building a solid organizational foundation that will make us more productive and happier.  


We’ve probably said it a million times, but we are really interested in collaborating with other designers, artists, makers and believers.  After all, that was kind of the goal from the beginning - to use design as a way to initiate dialogue and share ideas (also, to create an incredibly useful product, as well).  There are already a few projects that are basically locked down and we really couldn’t be more excited.


Some of the most fun times had last year were at events like the BK Flea.  Having just finished the Ace Hotel Pop-up about 1 week ago we’re already itching for the next event.  One goal is to treat the BK Flea like our very own monthly (maybe even bi-weekly) storefront.  Expect new display setups and special items that will only be available in person.  Keep your eyes peeled - we may also be doing a few “secret” events here & there.  


We would never consider ourselves the gambling types, but we do however enjoy taking chances.  Without making any sort of premature announcement, there is a move in our somewhat immediate future and we’re 99% sure that we’ve found the perfect place.  We want to build something new.  But it won’t be just ours - we want anyone that is interested to reap the benefits as well.  There is an obvious place to go, but we’ve never been very interested in the easy answer - not really sports fans, but this sums it up: “A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be.” -Wayne Gretzky


And last but not least, is our work.  So much to talk about in that department, but basically expect new designs, new materials, different types of goods and maybe even a few things that aren’t necessarily products.  Like we mentioned earlier, we want to build something, and not just things but experiences + connections. 

Thanks for sticking with us so far - we really appreciate the feedback and support.

Patrick & Leah