Thank You 2010 - Part 1

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As another year passes (actually, our first full year as LxL), we’d like to take a moment to extend our most sincere gratitude to all the truly amazing people that have helped make 2010 so damn memorable.  It’s kind of amazing to us that in such a short time, we’ve been able to make so many meaningful connections, and have begun laying the groundwork for lasting friendships.  

So, “Thank You” - (In no particular order):

Brad from Commerce With A Conscience

Far too much can be said about this gentlemen, but all you really need to know is that he cares - I mean REALLY cares.  You kind of want to pay attention to this guy.  Great writer, doesn’t pull any punches and is on one hell of a mission.  Must reads on CWAC are his “Label Spotlight” with Symmetry and “Happenings” with Left Field Denim.  

Ted & Gena from Symmetry Goods

Also care about important issues related to design and manufacturing, extremely nice and very smart.  Seems that LxL and Symmetry share some important core values.  Had a few really thought provoking email exchanges with Ted so far, which is hopefully a sign of things to come.  Need to get to know these two better, for sure.

Jessica from Shiny Squirrel

This young lady is super smart, a connector of people, nice as summer sun and one hell of a hustler.  If you think you work hard, try and keep up with her for even one day.   All reasons why we’re working on a few very ambitious “secret projects” with her.  If you don’t know her, you should - we’re glad we do.

Tara & Jeff from Meow Meow Tweet & The Friendly Falcons 

Two “real” people that are becoming great friends - funny, super creative, and extremely talented.  Artists + soap makers - and they excel and delight with both endeavors.  Their soap is literally the only brand we will use.  We have no qualms about endorsing their soap wholeheartedly - we actually fell in love with their soap before we became friends with them.

Eric from Corter Leather

We mention Eric as he is an inspiration to us, and hopefully others that share the dream of building a business from the ground-up.  When you mix outstanding skill with a strong work ethic, you get Corter.  We’re all about supporting talented and passionate people that are just so damn good at what they do, and Eric is a fine example of that.  If his Twitter posts are to be believed, this guy is a machine.  He’s definitely someone that we’d like to get to know better.

Buzz & the team at Square

We’ve been using Square since the end of 2009, and it has absolutely transformed our business.  It’s one of those things that seem too good to be true - trust us, it’s real.  If we didn’t have Square, we would not be able to attend events - and by attending events, we have met so many incredible people and made quite a few strong business connections.  Customer support has always been top-notch.  These guys & gals are hell-bent on providing the tools for us at the bottom to reinvigorate this economy - and that’s pretty important if you ask us.  

Eric & Rob from the Brooklyn Flea

We really owe the whole crew at the BK Flea a lot of gratitude, but we’re calling those gentlemen out simply because we’ve dealt with them directly.  We’re so grateful that they accepted us to be vendors in the first place - it means so much to be part of such a positive and constructive event.  What these guys have created is really something special and definitely part of a larger movement.

Vendors & Patrons of the Brooklyn Flea

Too many to call out individually, but the community aspect of the Flea is incredible.  It’s still a bit difficult to fathom, but it does feel like a big family of sorts.  The conversations had with vendors and Flea-goers alike have been pleasantly surprising and inspiring.  If you ever find yourself in BK, you would be remiss not to check it out.  Both indoor & outdoor are great, but Fort Greene is where are hearts are.

Last, but certainly not least is our respective Families

They have exhibited a great deal of patience and understanding during these busy times.  Whenever we have called upon them for a helping hand, they never hesitate to answer.  Our passion and commitment to LAYERxlayer is real, and we think they truly understand that now.  We’re not ones to make resolutions, but spending more time with the people who have stood by us from the start is something we want to do more of in 2011.  After all, that’s kind of why we started LxL in the first place - to have more quality time with the family & friends we care about.    

Honorable Mentions:

These are folks that we haven’t had enough direct dealings with or don’t know enough about, but would very much like to:

Christine from N’East Style

Ryan from Simplethreads 

Jason from Hilton’s Tent City


Patrick & Leah

- L x L-