Status Update: 07_28_2010

L-x-L at Silver Sands

LAYERxlayer has had a really interesting summer so far - we’ve met a lot of really great people, had plenty of interesting conversations and received incredible feedback. Needless to say, we’ve learned so much over the last few months and are working quite diligently to apply said knowledge.  One of the biggest challenges is to use our somewhat limited time more effectively; we’re learning to pick our battles very carefully.

Twigs at Silver Sands

Having said that, we are currently in “heads down” mode working on our next collection, as well as revamping our website to more effectively communicate our ideals and mission.  While we are quite proud of our most recent collection, the things we have in the works are truly on a whole other level.

For the time being, our online shop will be more or less on hold.  A few items will continue to be available, but in limited quantities - fear not, some pieces from our last collection  will return when we reopen the shop.  We may from time to time post “special edition” versions from the last collection as well.  

While we are temporarily closing shop, that doesn’t mean that we are off the grid completely - feel free to send us an email, @reply on Twitter or any other communication method you can think of.  

We also want to put more time into our blog and do more interactive and special things.  One of our goals from the very beginning was to be open and tranparent with our business - the point is to share our experience in order to start a potential dialogue between ourselves and potential collaborators, customers and to show those looking to start a business centered around their passion that there is hope.

Thanks for reading, and we can’t wait to start the next chapter.

Patrick & Leah