Something Random...


Sunday 10/17 - we’re heading to a beautiful secret location in Connecticut to shoot our new collection.  And it’s not just a bunch of “model shots” - there is a sort of cinematic narrative at play.  

We had a random idea:  If there are any photographers or videographers in the NYC or CT area looking for something fun & random to do on Sunday, why not come along with us and help shoot “Section 1 of our F/W 2010 Collection.”  

Sound fun, here’s the fine print:

+ Who?:  Looking for 1 person - if you are a small team of 2, that could work also.

+ Time:  10/17 - 10:30am - Unknown.  We will try to be back in Milford by nightfall.  

+ Submit:  Person must “submit” a link to their work before approval.  We have a general/specific style to our work, and we want to make sure that person is a match.  That said, we don’t want people who have the exact same style either.

+ Where:  We are meeting up in Milford, CT - person must get themselves there.  If you have car access, we will meet at a commuter lot.  If traveling by MetroNorth, we can pick you up at the Milford Station.   

+ Capture:  You are basically free to use whatever footage you capture in whatever way you please, so long as you credit LAYERxlayer somewhere.  

+ Please:  We kindly ask that you allow us to also use some of your photos and/or video work on our blog and website - you don’t have to give us everything you shoot, but we would like something.  That is after all part of the point of this - Collaboration.

+ LUNCH! We’re providing a pretty good lunch and snacks.  

+ Payment:  Unfortunately, this is not a paid gig.  However, would like to say “Thanks” by giving you one of our pieces.  We have some new pieces that are pretty awesome.

So if you’re still interested, send us an email with a link to your work:  

Click here to email us.