Shop Interactions

This may (or may not) come as a surprise, especially given our design style + aesthetics, but we are and have always been incredibly interested in technology. Seriously - we’re talking: building electronics from scratch, reading way too many books on cloning, writing science fiction stories, following each & every technological innovation like it’s our job - we could go on. Now, that’s not to say that we are proponents of all technological innovation - quite the opposite, in fact. As much as we are intellectually stimulated by progress, we are simultaneously cautious & overtly aware of its’ pitfalls. But we’ll leave that for another post.

Dialing it back a bit, we wanted to mention just a few of the new tech-related details that we’ve just added to our shop.



If you’re not signed up, you probably should be. In our opinion, its one of the best (if not THE best) places to discover new, well “everything” - from clothing to furniture, art & accessories and anything in between. It’s all there and for the most part, it’s pretty well curated. Svpply began as a somewhat exclusive club, being curated by a select few - such as this gentlemen, and has just recently been opened up to everyone.

*You can find some of our products there already, but if you go to our shop you can add more. We just added a dedicated ‘Svpply’ button toward the top of our product list - couldn’t be easier. We’ve got a few interesting ideas about how to “use” Svpply for fun stuff, so stay tuned.


The other new thing we’ve added is Bitcoin support. If you aren’t familiar with Bitcoin, a simple search will help provide a much more succinct explanation of it than I could ever give - essentially, it is “digital currency”. It’s new and exciting - the concept is beautifully elegant. It just may be the next big thing, or it very well could be gone tomorrow - either way, we’re incredibly interested in the implications of its existence and want to participate.

*If you are “holding” any Bitcoin and would like to spend it in our shop, contact us. We have a pretty generous exchange rate.

Old Faithfuls

Let’s not forget about Facebook & Twitter - they both have dedicated buttons on the shop as well.

And For Our Next Trick

We’ve been dreaming up new “shopping experiences” (even though we hate the term) for quite a long time now, and so hopefully very soon you should see dramatic changes to our system. It will be interesting & fun. It’s time to try something different.