Process: Tent

Tent 02

In preparation for the release of our first ever “Special Edition” product, the Wayfarer Pack Raw + Tent, we would like to share the process by which the tent is created, and also explain what it actually is.

Our first Indigo products happen to be backpacks - as you may know, Indigo is not a permanent pigment and does wash out and/or rub off a bit over time. With that in mind, we knew that pre-rinsing would be necessary. This new Wayfarer is actually a mix of raw & rinsed, using the latter wherever potential pigment transfer could occur. We’ll have more detailed pictures of the bag soon that clearly illustrates this.

Each tent is left to the will of Mother Nature for at least 30 days, enduring rain, snow, sunshine and wind. All tents reside in New England and each have a unique signature - this somewhat “structured randomness” greatly interests us and is definitely a concept that we plan to explore further.

The Wayfarer Raw + Tent will be available in our shop soon, in limited quantities.

*With the exception of the grommet press, all tools used were hand-me-downs from my Grandfather, who continues to build things at the ripe old age of 83.*  

Tent 07

Tent 06

Tent 05

Tent 04

Tent 01

Worth mentioning is that we have a version of our Fall Backpack that is made entirely from raw Indigo, save for the back panel that directly contacts your back - this piece is natural denim.