Process: Quilting


One of the things that we care a great deal about is craft, which in our opinion means several things. Quality happens to be one of those things. We take a great deal of care in designing every aspect of our products, right down to the small details - in this case, the pocket. 

Our design goal with this version of pocket was to not only make something that was of course functional and well constructed, but that also had some tactility and texture. The fact that our products will be used and handled by human hands plays a major role in our selection of materials and finishes, so this was a great opportunity for us to experiment with both physical dimension and a new material.

One hard-and-fast rule that we live by when selecting materials is “would we want this material in its raw form to be in our lives and/or our home?” For that reason, we chose a high-quality wool for the quilting fill. It is certainly a bit more expensive to use than a synthetic material, and even though the end-user will perhaps never know that such a high-quality material constitutes their bag, it is important for us to maintain a high level of material quality. It is something we expect from products that we buy & use, and we want others to expect the same from us. Just because it is not visible, does not make it a less important part of the overall product.

As you can see, the quilting is all done by hand and does take a bit of time. Hey baby, that’s life - some things take more time than one would like, but some things are worth the wait. 


Basic pocket ‘blank’ is sewn together out of natural and indigo denim. Indigo is used backward and becomes inside of pocket. Design of top pocket lip allows for triangle to be seated against edge to trace stitch lines. Clever, no…?










Raw Indigo quilted version, used right-side out this time. Inside is natural denim.



Finished pocket on Olive Waxed Canvas & Indigo - CINCH Tote. Worth the wait, would you agree?

Craft is slow & mindful.

Craft is meaning & beauty.


Wool strips.


Cold Spring, New York 10516 - ‘Made in the USA’


General’s Charcoal White - ‘USA Since 1889’