Plural Work/Shop



LAYERXLAYER was always meant to be something much larger than a brand - we’ve mentioned this before. With lots of hard work and the incredible support of a handful of folks, we are opening a strange little workshop / storefront in downtown New Haven, CT. 

Leah and I are from CT - we more or less grew up in New Haven. And though we’ve been living elsewhere for the past 10 years or so, we’ve regularly checked back in to the city, always considering it a possible home. 

There are many more details to the story - for now, we’re happy to be doing what we love, with the support of people who admire our mission, and vice versa. Don’t worry - this is by no means the end of LXL, for we will continue to create thoughtfully crafted goods, using the best possible materials.

*We formally invite you to our opening event Friday June 22nd - it is not a Celebration, but rather a Beginning. Hope to see you all there and “Thank You” for the continued support. Many exciting things ahead.

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