Organized Overload

We choose our ‘communication tools’ very carefully - although you will find LxL on a variety of different platforms, we tend to use them regularly and intend to use each differently.

Up to this point, our time has been extremely limited - I mention this because it has always been our goal to use each and every one of these tools (Tumblr, Twitter, Flickr, Instagram, Svpply, etc.) in a different way relative to each other; in other words, play on the strengths of each platform. Now, all this may sound obvious and it sort of is, but we want to experiment a little more. We did this a bit with our ‘Untitled Pouch No. 1’ Project.

All you really need to know is that the content across all the platforms we use will add up to create the ‘big picture’. We’re going to try and make each feed unique - no duplicate posting, that’s boring and lazy. 

*In other, other words, special offers will be unique to each feed. We don’t tell you this in order to trick you into following us on every platform - just that we’re trying to make everything more special. 

Fortunately, we find ourselves with a bit more time on our hands these days, which will translate to ‘doing more cool stuff.’ As you may have guessed, this blog will continue to be the place for more considered thoughts & writings. 

Untitled Pouch Progress   Daily Carry - Pouch