Materials & Textures

New Webbing

Weather permitting, we will be doing our first Brooklyn Flea of the season this Saturday, May 21st in Fort Greene. In preparation, we wanted to highlight some of the materials that we will be bringing with us - some you’ve seen before and some are brand new.

Brief thought:

Our work/design is based around 3 core elements: function, material and craft. For better or worse, there is no better way to understand how these pieces come together than to experience our products in person. So, those of you in NYC this weekend are in luck - those of you that aren’t, we are working on a few novel ways to help better illustrate this idea. More on that soon.

And finally:

Craft is something we consider as essential to our identity as designers and for that matter, as people. Although this has really been a lifelong pursuit & progression dating back much earlier than the formation of LAYERxlayer, we have not had a better outlet in which to articulate these ideas. As expected, we have quite a few opinions on the subject which we will be outlining here in the coming days.

One small way in which the concept of craft is relevant to this particular post, is the fact that our offerings at the BK Flea will be more-or-less one of a kind(s). For example, we will have a handful of Grey Wayfarer Packs that are essentially the same (size, basic function, etc.) but each one will be different from the next. The same goes for our other goods. Again, not an incredible feat, but important. In other words, a person made these, not a factory full of people.

*Look closely and you can identify whether Leah or Patrick worked on a particular piece, based on stitching patterns, margins and other subtle details. Mark of the Maker.


New webbing: Heavy duty as always. Natural w/ pinstripe is slightly quilted.


Red ticking w/ selvedge (seen on right side).


Violet ticking.


Nested Pocket.


Waxed canvas. 


Tent Indigo, as seen here and here.


Hand-quilted pocket of reverse twill, against right-side, 3x1 left-hand twill.


Beeswax strap end = no fray, but so much more.


Woven - why not?