FALL 2011 - Vol. I

Fall 2011 Banner

Volume No. I of our Fall Collection 2011 is now available in our Shop.

Since we are not a traditional company, we are doing things a bit different this time around: Although the ‘collection’ is to be considered as a whole, each individual style in this collection will be available at different times.

We’re taking a slower approach - Totes & Pouches are available for purchase now, Backpacks & Wayfarers are coming in about a week. 

Two reasons for this:

  • Since we make everything ourselves, it helps us to better fulfill orders in a timely manner. Which in turn, allows us to create more new things.
  •  Grants us the opportunity to spend more time explaining the why, what & how of each piece, through more considered photographs, videos and expositions.

Since our time is somewhat limited, we feel that this is the best way for us to meet the demand for our products, while keeping quality at its highest level. This way of working will keep us on a path of progression, which is why we started making things in the first place.

*But enough about business - here is Volume No. I:









Our goal from the very beginning has been to create products that are both well designed & well made, and that we would use on a regular basis. Things that we feel didn’t exist yet in the way we wished - fun, functional & beautiful. That is our basic plan.

Same level of quality.

Same dedication to Craft.

Still made in the U.S.A.

Patrick & Leah

L / L