Fairly busy week starting off with our Of A Kind Wayfarer Pack going on sale last Tuesday. If you don’t know already, we have been selling pocket tees to help fund our next big project - more on that here. Speaking of our project, we went to New Haven (our future home) on Saturday for the TEDx New Haven conference, which was held in a beautiful Yale lecture hall. 

Lastly, (and on a somewhat sad note) we received one of the final Symmetry Goods scarves. The line will definitely be missed - on a brighter note, Ted from Symmetry has formed a new project and has asked LXL and a handful of other talented folks to join him. We’re really excited about this and all the details will be revealed tomorrow.

*Of Note: Related to our big New Haven project, we are almost there. We have a space ready for us and we may even start building this coming week. Can’t wait to share all the details. 

**All images taken from our Instagram feeds. Find us @layerxlayer & @lealjane.