Almost There

Spring 2011 - Trace

We promised that our shop would be open this week, but we needed a bit more time off than originally expected.  That’s a good thing because it means we’ve had more time to think about where we want to take LxL next - and we’ve got some pretty interesting things in store.  Everyone always says that, but you’ll have to take our word on this one.

*As far as the shop  is concerned, we decided to reopen on March 21st.  Felt like a good date to start anew, first week of Spring and all.  Quantities will be limited.

So what’s new in the shop?  Well, everything.  We’ll reveal more details as the date approaches but all of our past products that will be restocked (due to popular demand) have been upgraded by various degrees, ranging from subtle details to additional functionality.  Same essence, new surprises.

The 21st is just the beginning - expect consistent updates to the shop as the months roll by.