Aleutian - CUST01

One of the things we really hoped would happen by having a physical workshop/storefront was custom orders. To be honest, spending hours making the same thing over and over again is not the most fulfilling activity, nor is it an incredible efficient use of our time. We make it a point to avoid that sort of thing in general however, we’ll pretty much drop everything if the right customer presents us with the right (meaning interesting) custom proposition. 


This particular Aleutian is the result of a conversation we had with a gentlemen visiting New Haven who happened to wander into our shop. The combination of weather-resistant Harvest Tan & Indigo denim is borrowed from our forthcoming Brimfield Bag in the same colorway (which itself is borrowed from a custom version we made for a friend of ours). The most noticeable change is the addition of a zipper pocket on the inner divider.

We make things for people to actually use - when we can make something that is more specifically tailored, it’s even better. In this sense, we like occupying the space in between design and handcraft.