Untitled Bag Project - Final Design

Where to Begin

For those following along, we're getting close. Our design is almost finalized; I say almost as we are presently working with a manufacturer to determine cost, which may or may not require slight changes to be made. Note: the final design does differ slightly from photos.

Since August of last year, (2014) we've been enlisting the help of a few friends and a few gracious volunteers to test early prototypes of this new bag. We've been incorporating their feedback along with the years of feedback we've received from our Brimfield bag, which is the predecessor of this new bag. Added to that is the feedback we've received from a handful of gracious users of the Honest + LXL bag, which itself fits somewhere in between the Brimfield and this new bag.

We've missed our own deadline for this bag, which we're not happy about. Add to that the fact that a bunch of people have been patiently waiting because we promised them a new bag; we think about this everyday. 

The explanation we have for why this bag has taken so long: it wasn't good enough. It's always been good and we probably could have knocked out a bunch of them and made some quick cash. But making something good wasn't enough - not because we have this romantic idea of "making something great" (gross), but because making something that is just good is not interesting to us. We hope you feel the same.  

While we can't promise that this bag is perfect for everyone, we can promise that a great deal of time and care has gone into the design. This bag challenged us and it was difficult, which we hope made us better at design. We started over a few times and even as we're readying production, small tweaks are still being made to make it better.

Bag Details

The basics: tote/backpack hybrid and a waterproof removable liner - but there's much more to it. If you're familiar with our designs, you won't be surprised to find clever details scattered throughout the bag. More specifics will be revealed as we get closer to a release.

And most important to us is that the bag will be manufactured in the USA.

Our Plan(s)

Release an all black version first. If the bag is well received, there will be more colors to follow; it's really an issue of manufacturing costs. We planned on a Kickstarter for more options but to save time we're likely going to scrape the money together ourselves for a small initial run and see what happens. There are "accessories" we've designed that you'd hope to accompany a product in this category. Said items will be produced as time/money permits - more info will follow on that.

So, When?

We'll be posting updates as the timeline becomes more concrete. Hopefully we've proven that this is not some sort of "Bigfoot" project. This bag definitely exists and we're doing everything we can to get it into your hands ASAP. All questions are welcome.

To those who have stuck with us and have patiently waited, we've taken note and promise to make it worth the wait. 

Patrick & Leah