Introducing the For-Them bag

It's finally ready. Every time the bag seemed finished, we were compelled to improve the design even further.

This bag is our most complex in terms of functionality, and our most eclectic in regards to the materials used. We saw this project as an opportunity to try things we haven't before, an approach which has already created offshoots we are currently exploring within future projects. 

One major change of plan(s): at least for now, we will be producing all the bags by ourselves, in our studio. We didn't want any restrictions or to be reliant on the capabilities of certain manufacturers - we even went so far as to purchase industrial tooling to produce some of the hardware ourselves when suitable alternatives weren't found.

The only downside to this in-house production is that quantities will be limited, but we'll do our best to provide accurate availability stats. 

We've highlighted all the key details of the bag HERE.

We're incredibly thankful to all those who have helped test various versions of this bag along the way. The feedback received has been invaluable.