Summer 2014 - Linen & Indigo

This may just be the last product release for quite a while. If you've kept up along the way, you may recall our numerous change-ups and reconfigurations. Keeping to tradition, we're undergoing another such transition at this moment.

There will likely be a shop update here or there during the next few months, but our sights are really set to this Fall. Although our path is crooked and at times unpredictable, our number one priority has always been to deliver a top-quality product, every time.

So for our final release (at least for now) we present a collection we call "Linen & Indigo Dot". The linen moniker is deceiving, as it refers only to the color of the fabric and not the specific type. Each piece is made of heavy WR (weather resistant) canvas and indigo denim hand printed with our woodblock dot technique. 

-SHOP - There are only 4 items available in each style.

Thanks for all the support thus far, and we'll see you on the other side.