Untitled Bag Project - Intro

We're designing a diaper bag - it's that simple. But maybe it's much more than that. 

In 2013 we designed a bag for the Honest Co. that was meant to be much more than your typical diaper bag. It was released as a limited edition and sold out fairly quickly. We learned a lot from that project - actually we kind of learned everything. It was the most difficult project we had worked on up until that time. 

Now, we're taking everything we learned from that project and going even further. During the Spring of 2015 we will be releasing not just a redesigned version of the diaper bag, but something that is so much more. 

Although this new bag is designed with the needs of new parents in mind, it's functionality should be very appealing to a wider variety of people and use cases. That is our intent. 

We're pre-announcing this project now. The goal is to post weekly (or bi-weekly) updates to share the overall progress of the project, details about the bag and also our design process. Most of the difficult work is done, but there are still many details to sort out. 

We have a lot to share and welcome any questions and/or feedback along the way. See you next week.