Newly Acquired - Outlier Three Way Shorts


In desperate need of a bathing suit for an upcoming trip to the Cape, I had to make a rather quick decision. I had intuited that Outlier most likely made the best available option but I'm cursed with the kind of obsessive mind that needs to analyze all available options before making pretty much any purchasing decision. Whether a multi thousand dollar tool or an under 10 buck item, I exhaustingly seek out the best available "thing" in any given category. 

To make a long story short, time was running out so I bought the shorts from Outlier. Finding a suit was sort of an impossible task from the beginning since I really don't own any articles of clothing (on purpose) that are made from a completely synthetic fabric. I have a few socks with a small portion of synthetic fibers but this is new territory for me. I greatly prefer the touch and feel of natural fibers - the "performance" can be less than optimal, however. But kind of necessary for a bathing suit. 

If I'm going to buy anything made from a synthetic fabric, I'm going to buy the best one. And I think I did. Not only is this the best bathing suit I've ever owned but it may be the best pair of shorts I've owned. It makes me want to wear shorts which is not really my thing - not at all. They don't have that weird mesh cage that some suits have and the pockets allow you to carry useful things while traveling to or from the beach. I experienced zero pocket-bubbles while swimming in even large waves.

I made a few trips to the beach and they performed pretty much the way they should. The last beach outing of the trip we went to Nauset Beach which usually has some of the largest waves on the Cape. Walking along the edge of the water, I spontaneously broke into a run. I think it was in the back of my head that these shorts were kind of made to be worn by a super-active guy who is always running or jumping off of things. And if I'm wearing them, that guy should be me. It was then that I realized these are also the best running shorts I've ever worn. Ran a few miles, found a crab claw and then ran back to our blankets. I ran a bit further to test these shorts and was so impressed with the performance. And the best part was that I could just jump right in the ocean to cool off. And then dry off and go about my day without worrying about wearing a soggy suit and look presentable.

Since returning home from the Cape, I've worn the shorts out to get lunch and around the apartment. A bathing suit that you can wear out like a normal pair of shorts (or vice versa) may not be a trophy worthy achievement, but a pair of shorts that doesn't make you look like a jackass doing so is pretty awesome to me.

*You can find out all the info on their site about the fabric (which of course is crazy technical), as well as info on the sizing, etc. I bought my normal size (32) and they fit great. My only revision would be an even shorter length - maybe I have short legs but I also prefer my shorts a bit on the short side. Much to the chagrin of those around me, I'm sure. - Patrick