Without Color

We have removed the color from our current crop of products so you can clearly see the underlying 'design' and not get caught up in superficial things like color and pattern. For shops that want something that every other shop doesn't have, and for customers that want to see what design actually looks like. 

Our goal is to make the best products, not the most products. This is why we carefully choose which shops we work with. That said, this "blank canvas" presentation is meant to show a prospective shop where we begin when thinking about a custom version of a particular product for their shop.

This is a small idea but part of a much larger attempt to accurately present our work in honest terms. That which is considered to be our "work" and our "life" have always been interconnected if not completely indistinguishable from one another. Hopefully that comes across.

How many 'products' do you know of that still have 'something' when all the surface is whitewashed?