Rather than inundate your inbox and feeds with yet another uninspired "CYBER MONDAY" sale, we'd prefer to extend a generous "FUTURE DISCOUNT" when you support our efforts by purchasing any item at full price. Offer good for all BUL and AWN products.

LAYERXLAYER is just two people, and we would rather attract customers who are genuinely interested in our work and build lasting relationships, as opposed to going after a cash-grab. This FUTURE DISCOUNT is our way of saying "thanks" for allowing us to continue to do what we absolutely love to do.

Patrick & Leah

  • Spend up to $100. and receive a "FUTURE DISCOUNT" of $50. - FIRST 10 ORDERS
  • Spend at least $150. and receive a "FUTURE DISCOUNT" of $100. - FIRST 5 ORDERS
  • All FD codes are transferable to family or friends.
  • All FD codes will be emailed after item ships.